Dear Valued Customers,

We regret to inform you that we decided to postpone the "ICO" of this project which was originally scheduled on December 1, 2017.
The reason for the postponement is that the planned listing on the Triple Dice exchange on December 21th has become not materialized.
As we had been consulting all matters until just before, we are deeply sorry especially for those who were looking forward to this ICO about this sudden announcement.

We are considering 2nd quarter in the year 2018 as for rescheduled ICO timing.
It’s because that we would like to carry out our ICO with strong commitment to all the customers for ensuring BRAINY to be listed on the exchange by then.
We have concluded about the timing for our ICO after we also considered that we can best utilize this period for upgrading our AI trade system.

We are very sorry again for all the visitors to this project site, and those who were looking forward to this project.
As mentioned above, BRAINY will enter the preparation period again in order to revise the basis of project and system construction etc. so that customers can start trading without any concerns.
It requires sometime but once we are able to present the site again, the announcement will be updated accordingly.
Team BRAINY will try our best to deliver good news as early as possible.

Please continue your inquiries from the form below. (It will be English only)
Please note that, due to this sudden announcement, it may take some time to reply.


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